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USELESS Samsung - customer service a farce

(Topic created on: 17-01-2024 10:38 AM)

Customer service in South Africa is useless and is tainting the image of Samsung as it smells of underhanded / fraudulent supply of parts, repairs and services by Samsung

Having been a great Samsung fan, and having had many Samsung phones I decided to purchase the Samsung Z Fold brand new. I have not only had issues with the device but also significant issues with the service I received from Samsung in trying to get it sorted. 
The device seemed to be overheating, so I decided to have it checked out. After a couple of times of the device having been booked in to the Repair Centre, the issue persisted. Eventually even the motherboard was changed. When I fetched the device, I noticed a crack on the screen. I also noted issues with the front camera, and was informed this was due to the front screen having been replaced when changing the motherboard - it appeared that Samsung had supplied a reject screen. I made notes of all this on the official forms (I have copies of these). 
I was advised to use the phone to see if the overheating at least was resolved. When using the phone, I also started noticing that the battery would drain extremely fast. It seems that Samsung also fitted a reject battery! 
After numerous discussions, I was advised that the device itself seemed to be a factory reject and it would be replaced (I have references for all this). When I took the device back, I was instead slapped with an invoice to fix the screen (even though the reject screen was supplied by Samsung itself and documentation of this was provided). The matter was escalated to VOC (Voice of Customer), and handed to a gentleman called Vaughan - who was of no help and insisted that since the screen was faulty (even though supplied by Samsung and documented on the notes from the beginning), the warranty was void. I requested to speak to his manager, but was rudely informed that there was no manager and I could not speak to anybody besides him!! 
After various other attempts I finally managed to speak to a so-called manager Thandiwe who at least had the decency to listen to the merits and promised a speedy resolution. She requested reference numbers, proofs, copies etc all of which were sent off on 4 December 2023. It has been ONE AND A HALF MONTHS and to date there has been NO progress, NO updates, No response - NOT even an acknowledgement of the email. Further follow up emails have also failed to elicit any response, making me suspect collusion in cover-ups! 
I would hate to think that Samsung is only good for taking your money but the after sales support makes this seem likely. With Samsung AI on its way, perhaps it might be do a better job than the customer service consults??
Does anybody have a clue where else to escalate it to? 
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Sorry to hear that you appear to be having issues with Samsung South Africa.


However, this section of the forums is dedicated to the U.K. and E.U. devices and you may receive a more relevant response directly from the South African forums, here...


Good luck!

My device... Galaxy Z Fold5 5G 12/512GB (G946B D/S) CSC EUX. Android 14. One UI 6.1

Hi @Abie1 , 


Sorry to hear about your experience. 😞


I've edited out the contact details of the Samsung staff (as posting personal info like publicly that is against our Community's TOS & Guidelines)


As ironass indicated, this section of the forums is supported by Samsung UK & Ireland (and connected to the wider European Community), and we don't have access to any of Samsung SA systems (or much knowledge of how to escalate further than you already have) to be able to help you out here. Posting on the SA Community will hopefully get the attention of someone (staff and customers) with more insight who can better help and advise you.


I hope that it all gets sorted for you.



Thanks for the link