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UK Samsung Trade In Question

(Topic created on: 26-09-2022 11:00 AM)
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Hi all, I wondered if anyone could give me more light on the UK Samsung trade in. Im looking to get the Flip 4, which on the Samsung site with trade in for my s20+5g (at 440) value comes in at about £560.  The thing is my s20 is only borderline matching the criteria for being good enough to trade in, so im wanting to know what happens if it is rejected, will they return it? Will it be processed quick enough that if they do I can returh the ZFlip within the time under consumer protection laws for refund? To complicate matters you can get the zflip4 on ebay for about the same price 560, though this doesn't get the Buds offer, and Im bit worried how these are so cheap and would rather by from Samsung if possible, but not wortht he hassle if trade in will be rejected

Any help much appreciated!


Samsung Members Star ★
I think the process is, if the condition of the trade in is below what's expected. Then the trade in value will be reduced.
Obviously then the extra cost would be added to you.
There would be a process where you'd be notified and I'm sure the option to carry on with the trade in or not.
Best bet would be to contact Samsung Customer Support and ask.

As for buying on a website like ebay.
It's a case of doing your homework. Some phones will be imported. Some labeled as new when they have been opened etc etc

I'm always careful with higher value things like phones