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TMT First Damaging phones to avoid a warranty Repair

(Topic created on: 16-05-2023 12:53 PM)

Where do I start? I have a Samsung Flip 3 that developed a fault with the screen not coming on every time I opened it. It would take 4 to 5 attempts to get the screen to come on.

Initially, I took it to Currys for repair. However, due to a mark on the hinge, they would not repair the phone. They sent it back with a report and photo of the condition of my phone, and suggested I call Samsung to have it repaired.

It was at this point that things went wrong. Samsung booked the phone in, and within a day, DPD collected my phone and it went to TMT First. Several days later, I received an email letting me know that the repair to the phone would cost £309 due to damage.

When I asked what damage, they replied with photos showing damage to the screen and scuff marks on the bezel. When I challenged this, saying that this was not my phone, they came back saying "we stand by our engineer's report" and to speak to Samsung. After about 40 minutes with Samsung, I basically got the same answer.

I came close to paying the £309, but then I came across the reviews here and also the Samsung forums, which are riddled with complaints.

So I went back and challenged them, saying that they have a responsibility to ensure safe collection, repair, and delivery of my phone, and that at some point in the process, damage had been caused. I had the report dated from Currys backing up my claim, but they came back saying that they only take responsibility when they receive it. I am in no doubt that my phone has been deliberately damaged to avoid a warranty repair, and after reading here and on the Samsung forum, I am not the only person to think so.

So the upshot is that they have opened and closed my complaint, and I quote: "I am now closing this complaint after logging it, as the points of contestation need to be raised directly with the manufacturer."

They are not interested in taking any responsibility, and they are trying to use any excuse, including purposely damaging other people's property to make money.

I would suggest to anyone who can help it not to use TMT First. Do your research, check the Samsung Forums as there are a lot of complaints. I do not know how they are allowed to continue with this practice, and I am beyond me why Samsung are not interested.




Just had to deal with TMT first as well and almost got conned out of £279 for a repair I didn't need. I'm surprised a big company like Samsung would endorse such a scummy fraudulent company.