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Service / repair question.

(Topic created on: 05-04-2024 01:52 AM)

I have a z fold 4 1tb as purchased form samsung directly. The phone is mine but was financed via glow by my ex girlfriend and I pay the installments. - this was purely as I didn't qualify likely becuase of recently becoming self employed.

 But anyways,, my fold has stopped opening fully and some sticky adhesive strip has come out from the hinge, also the screen protector came off as common with these and I immediately replaced with another. Other than that the phone functions well. 

I need to get it repaired, still in warranty however me and my ex have no communication at all through mutual agreement however it got to the point that I was considering legal action against her - stating this to emphasise on the seriousness of the situ. 

If I send the phone in for repair can I have the phone returned to my address as opposed to my ex's address which is on the finance agreement? 

The phone is still in her name on the glow finance with 4 of 24 months left to go, but I can guarantee that if the repaired phone gets sent to her address then it will be the last I see of it. 

Obviously I have no personal proof of purchase or agreement between myself and her as. I never expected the relationship to change as it did. 

Alternatively I have my own mobile phone insurance in my own name, would this option work as a 2nd suggestion? 

Many thanks for the advice 
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Hi @Ryanrs 

I'm sorry to hear of your issues with your phone which needs a Repair. 

If you have a local Samsung Experience Store then you could pop in there to have them look at it , or arrange a Repair via a Samsung Service Centre or use the Samsung Doorstep Repair Service if available in your region. 

However Samsung may ask for proof of purchase. 

The last resort would be to send jt to Samsung directly. 

Check the repair page  and it will show you the process and if there js an address Section to use. 

Does your own phone insurance cover that particular phone ?

If it definitely does then ask them if they can help assist you. It does nkt cost to ask. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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Hi sorry I totally forgot to reply.
I will give a full reply later but whilst I remember, in lakeside shopping centre, thurrock, Essex, UK is an ISmash store that displays certified samsung repair center, can i use them for this issue? I do have the original box, documentation, contract agreement etc.

Many thanks