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Screen protector

(Topic created on: 21-07-2022 09:07 PM)
Hi. Is there any possibility that i can change the screen protector on my galaxy z flip 3? The one that the phone comes with. Thank you. 
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The screen protector can be removed, but lots of Care will be needed.
Personally I'd visit a Samsung Experience Store or Service Centre and book in the repair. They'd have all the necessary tools and knowledge to replace it.
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That's why I recommend going to a Samsung Experience Store or Service Centre.
Some have removed the screen protector and use the phones without them.
But me personally I'd have it replaced if it gets damaged
Be very careful sending it to Samsung to replace screen protector,you will likely get a bill of around £259 with Samsung claiming that the actual screen is damaged somehow,the amount of customers who have complained about this is quite astonishing 😱.
Personally I will be replacing the screen protector myself on my flip3 when the time comes.
I have a massive scratch on it and I have air bubbles ( not sure if it's the correct word ) so I need to replace it. Just the screen protector.
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You can change it and some are available via 3rd party accessory companies @Aleksandra1923 

Samsung advise that if a person damages their screen via the process of removing the protector then the warranty maybe voided.

I removed the protector on my Fold³ and it was easy just to peel off. Just like any other phone with a factory fitted screen protector on it.

I removed it due to delamination down the crease.

The screen since has been fine in my user experience.

Samsung view the screen protector as not part of the 2 year manufacturers warranty so they may levy a charge to replace one which is what we've seen in previous posts. 

In some instances some Samsung Service Centres have resorted to replacing the entire display and battery when only the screen protector needed replacing. This might be due to the actual process of fitting a new protector not being in their skill set or do not have the protectors or machine to fit one! Just my take on this.

However you wish to proceed I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 


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I have removed the protector from my flip 3. It came away just like any other protector. I think Samsung should agree that there is a problem with the screen protector instead of charging people for the replacement. I love my flip 3 but would I buy another folding phone, I am not sure.