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Screen bleeging in folding place

(Topic created on: 08-01-2024 05:39 AM)
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The centre of the screen started to peel and in one weeks time started to bleed. I am not able to use the mobile in the open position due to bleeding problem.
Mobile is under warranty and refused to fix mentioning there's a dent at the corner of the fold which is not visible, now it's made worse by trying to dig into by the samsung machanics in the outlet.
It's cost £524 to fix the screen and it's not an permanent fix as it occur again dur to the design of the product which is a manufacturing fault. When I purchased this phone for £ Oct 22
Need Samsung to act on this to resolve this issue 

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If there is a dent on the phone's outer casing then Samsung will most have probably determined this was an accidental drop or bump.

To dent it this I assume would have been a significant drop or bump. 

They will have determined this as accidental damage which could have had an impact on the screen meaning a Repair would have been chargeable @NaveenR 

Samsung wouldn't have carried out a non permanent fix. 

A person not happy with the repair should go back to Samsung as they guarantee there work. 

I always suggest to take time and dated photo's of the phone to prove it's aesthetic condition. If you did this then you can show that the issue you now say is evident on the screen wasn't there when you sent the phone away for repair. 

I wish you well when you contact Samsung Support directly.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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