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Samsung ZFold3 to ZFold4 - 2nd time lucky ...

(Topic created on: 15-09-2022 08:43 AM)
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I had no intention of upgrading as paying nearly £2k (before tradeins, etc...) is serious money for a device to have issues barely 8 mths in.

I opted for the Samsung Upgrade Scheme as frankly i have no faith in the long term durability of the Fold series, Samsungs repair partner and if things go wrong (as in manufacturer fault) i will stop payments and raise a dispute and refer it to the trading standards - or i will reach the upgrade timing.
Anyhow disappointment rant over.
ZFold4 - i had tested during at a pop up stand, but was not convinced.
Having the device i find it feels a different more premium design (ODD), the metal edges are more defined, the new fold gears do feel better, but at the same time not as smooth as the Fold3 mechanism.
Camera is so much better, it feels faster ??? even after installing all the apps, but then my ZFold3 was suffering issues with random shutdowns and not being able to power on without performing regular soft resets. Front screen is definately more useable BUT i think once a case is on (i used the Aramid on my ZFold3) that does restrict the edges a bit.
Frustratingly again i have to request my free case, but i also ordered two more that did not arrive with the ZFold4 and this morning ordered a ZFold4 screen protector, why is no front screen protector fitted as per ther ZFold3 ???
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Regards Obsydian - (Car & Tech Evangelist)

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