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Samsung zflip 4

(Topic created on: 27-02-2024 02:30 PM)

Disgusted at Samsung customer service. I sent 2 z flip 4 phones in for repair. 1st screen disengaged when closed and didn’t come back on unless you messed about and got lucky, it would then stay on but couldn’t close it or it disengaged again. 2nd inky black came from hinge area of the screen and spread out until full screen was unusable. Both under warrantee repairer centre said both warranties voided 1st phone had small pit marks at top of screen not effecting the screen or the reason it was sent back. 2nd repair centre said there was a crack in the screen that you cant see with the naked eye and only the technician could see and there must have been an impact to the phone. Phone casing was pristine no impact, my husband treats his phone better than me.

Samsung said they stand by technicians and void any warranty, wanted £300 each to repair said that any damage to the phones regardless if its to do with the repair fault voids the warrantee and they won’t repair any fault. I told them to send the phones back so I can bin them. Wont ever buy Samsung again they go to any lengths not to honour warranties. I have a full house of Samsung equipment, TV’s, washing machine, American fridge that when they are done will not be replaced by Samsung models. Spent thousands over the years buying Samsung thinking they are a company you can trust. Big lesson learned never again.


Very similar to my post. Same nonsense response from Samsung. You should have taken pics before it got collected. DPD said on day of collection he picked up 5  devices before me with same issue. I would ask for all my money back  to 'President Office Escalations' <*******>. Don't take no for an answer or any other silly responses they give. Then if refusal or no response after 14 days go to the small claims court. Costs about £80 for the application and you can do it online.  There address for serving is: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS(UK) Ltd.,  SAMSUNG HOUSE, 1000  HILLSWOOD DRIVE CHERTSEY KT16 0PS.