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Samsung Z Flip Phone defect

(Topic created on: 12-05-2022 09:24 PM)
B Cooper
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Purchased outright a Flip phone Z3.  Less that two and a half months old I got the dreaded crack on the screen at the flip portion.  As I researched this issue it is a common one and even on their own community site no less.  Samsung is stating it is out of warranty and trying to charge me $399.44 cents to repair an issue that is clearly a defect.  I have video and photos of zero damage to the phone.  Buyer beware, I would suggest not purchasing any Samsung products at all as they just try to rip you off.  

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After Samsungs assessment of your phone what have they stated they think has happened with the phone @B Cooper  

It is an open avenue to ask for a 2nd opinion from another Samsung Engineer, and raise a ticket to have your concerns heard at a higher level.

I appreciate how frustrating this must be especially with the cost of these types of phone's nowadays.

Also look to any relevant insurnace that may cover your phone such as Home Contents insurance etc.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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