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Samsung wins on screen every time! But my next phone won't be one

(Topic created on: 13-09-2022 06:00 PM)

I had some stuck pixels on my zflip3 and had to send it in for repair. Then I was stung with a bill. I called Samsung as to why it wasn't covered in the warranty. They said they found indentation (which was not visible to the naked eye) and there are masses of caveats on the warranty. I said the indentation could have been caused by me trying to fix it, but obviously there's no way of ascertaining. I spoke to someone more senior for some goodwill and he said I should have read the terms and conditions before deciding on buying one. I said he must be the only person in the world who did that before buying a consumer product that they spend millions in marketing and only lasts 3 or 4 years. He conflated the argument to taking out a mortgage! Not that it makes any difference to him but Samsung has just lost a customer.

It should be common knowledge by now that any issues with the fold or flip inner screens won't be fixed under warranty.

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung iPhone user.

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They bring out novel products that are obviously not fully tested in the real world and then blame the customers for actually using them, in the real world!
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Hi @lc50 

May I ask what you mean by " I said the indentation could have been caused by me trying to fix it, but obviously there's no way of ascertaining 

To add > It is common for consumer's to only take note of the manufacturers warranty terms and conditions and inclusions and exclusions when one needs to make a claim on it.

Like all manufacturers warranties and insurance policies there is small print which usually explains about wear and tear and accidental damage.

The screens on the Flip and Fold are not as hard wearing as slab type phone's which I understood when purchasing my Fold³ , however as they have factory fitted screen protectors it's reasonable to expect the phone to hold up to normal usage.

The factory fitted screen protector delaminated on my Fold³ so I removed it and use the phone without one now.

I have my phone's covered under my Home Contents Insurance Policy.

Some Bank Accounts provide cover as a perk of the account.

I appreciate you've lost faith in the product and now contemplating moving to another brand and as such I wish you all the best with that.

I wish you all the best. Take care.  😎 


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