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Samsung Galaxy Z5 Flip Pink & Green Line

(Topic created on: 16-01-2024 05:21 PM)
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Just opened my phone and there's a thin pink and green line going across the centre of my screen horizontally. There's also a black area on the upper right edge with a bright white line going upwards from the black area. My phone was absolutely fine, all of a sudden when I opened it these problems appeared. Any ideas? Would this be covered under the warranty? Is it repairable? I got it when it first came out and have loved it, although took aittle getting used to at the beginning Galaxy Z Flip5 

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Hi Steven w07,I had the same issue after Samsung repaired a crease on my flip z4 screen protector I opened the box and it wouldn't open 180deg with a green dent on the bottom of my screen I went back and forth for weeks with customer service they asked me if I had any photos of my phone before I sent it for repair denied any damage to the phone when it left the repairs, and insinuated I had done it myself even though it is impossible for me to get the same screen protector as Samsung as the gorilla glass they use as a screen protector is only available to Samsung, they said it would cost £280 to repair, from Samsung member bobbyde
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My advice is to contact Samsung Support and or set up a Repair to go to a Samsung Service Centre. 

They will aadvise what the issue is and whether or not a Repair ould be under the phone's 24 month Manufacturing Warranty terms or not. 

If it isn't then they'll advise of a costing and seek your approval to carry out the repair. 

Also look to any relevant insurance you may have via Samsung Care+ , another insurance policy such as Home Contents Insurance or some Bank Accounts provide cover as a perk of the account. 

If the phone was supplied by a network then seek support from them too. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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