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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Colour’s

(Topic created on: 10-08-2022 02:58 PM)
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Before the Samsung unpacked launch I was invited to to get hands on with their latest products which included the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Buds Pro 2, Galaxy Watch 5 and watch 5 Pro and of course last but not least the New Galaxy Z Flip 4. In this video it is the Z Flip 4 I will be talking about specifically the various colourways and finishes because lets be honest no one wants to make the wrong decision especially. If you are interested in the Z fold 4 or the new watches instead then check out my video comparing those colours, I will leave a link for that at the end of this video.

Welcome everyone, I’m Tech Zilla and I was lucky enough to check out the 4 different colour options for the Z Flip 4 so in todays video I will be comparing and showing you the difference between them helping you decide which one to pre order. But before I get into it, hit that subscribe button and bell notification icon as I will be producing many videos about Samsungs latest products so you don’t want to miss those. Right Back to business,
There are four variants available, Graphite, Pink Gold, Blue and Bora Purple. First off let me say that there is a glaring difference between last years Z Flip 3 and the Z flip 4. Where the Z flip 3 had Glossy glass and a matte frame, the Flip 4 is reversed with matte glass and glossy frames.
So lets get into it, First off lets tackle the most subtle and underrated option, the Graphite, in my honest opinion I really really like this option because in person it looks much better than on camera, The glass finish is very similar to previous Phantom Black Samsung devices. The back glass has a subtle finish which shifts from almost black to a smoky gray which never looks like a deep jet black except the outer display which obviously is glossy. The back as expected doesn’t really show fingerprints unless you have very greasy or sweaty hands then when you shift the device the smudges appear at various angles. The metal frame sandwiched inbetween the screens and the back panels has a glossy very light gray finish and is finished in a way which looks very classy and sleek and the antenna bands are in a darker gray colour on the metal frame. The Graphite is the choice for anyone looking for understated, classy and subtle, unlike the Z Fold 4 the outer cameras are housed within the outer display so no camera bump to worry about, making the overall appearance look more sleek.
The next colour option is the Pink Gold, this is probably the most unusual of the colours. The glass panels are matte and have an almost light peach like colour, obviously being matte you would assume it wouldn’t show fingerprints and you would be right, but because it’s a light colour they are hidden better than on the graphite. The colour has a deep lustre and colour shifting does take place when exposed to different light levels, it does look luxurious in the flesh. The frame has a glossy finish, the metal rails look like a champagne gold colour with slighty darker coloured antenna lines. The frame and buttons match perfectly and compliment the Pink Gold back making it look overall very high end. The metal frame did show fingerprints in the short time I spent handling it with my sweaty hands. I would say this option is for anyone who doesn’t want a boring black device but instead prefers a more highend look.
The third colour option for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, the blue, Again like the other colours this has a glossy finished metal frame with the camera finished exactly the same way in the outer screen. I would say it is the colourway that looks the freshest and most unsual, the blue almost looks like a light grey because of the matte finish. The metal frame is finished in an almost silver colour with a tiny hint of blue which looks slightly lighter than I was expecting. It does really look like a very premium finish but beware the antenna bands are a lot darker than the frame. It really does add the finishing touch to the overall colour of the phone by giving it a rich framing tone. Definitely a different option compared to previous Galaxy flip devices and worthy of your consideration if you are looking for something different.
And finally the fourth colour option, the Bora Purple, Bora actually means Purple so you could say purple purple. Again a matte finish, the Purple is a lighter colour but personally for me I would say its closer to Lavender. It looks like a lighter version of the purple iphone 12, although it is matte, the finish has a 1 dimensional look to it. Fingerprints are hidden well but not as well as the Pink Gold variant, the metal frame and hinge like the other colour options has a glossy look to it. It is very very light lilac to my eyes, I would say almost more silver with a hint of lavender. Bora Purple is Samsungs signature colour for the Flip 4, it is a fresh and unusual and for anyone who is trendy and wants to stand out from the crowd.
If none of these colours is your sort of thing then I should let you know that Samsung are offering a bespoke service online, the bespoke edition comes in up to 75 unique glossy colour combinations. With 5 front and 5 back colours to choose from and of course 3 different colours for the hinge and frame there is sure to be something for everyone.
So there you have it, the current colour options available for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 series, if you are looking to pick up any of these colour variants then use my link in the description below to help me out. I have also made a video of the Z Fold 4 colour choices which total 3 options so check out that video too. So Which is your favourite colour and why? Let me know in the comments below, personally my favourite is the Pink Gold because of that luxurious finish on the glass back and the contrasting champagne gold frame. What colour combo would you like to have seen? Or if you are using the bespoke service what did you pick? Let me know in the comments below. I will be making loads more videos about the Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4, Galaxy Watch 5 Series and the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 including accessories, screen protectors, cases and comparisons. So smash that subscribe button and bell notification icon, give me a thumbs up and share this video on your social media including samsung groups and forums. Until next time I’m Tech Zilla saying take care and peace. 
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Which colour is everything getting?
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I got the pink/gold and it looks the bee's knee's.. very classsy