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Samsung galaxy flip 3

(Topic created on: 07-10-2022 05:20 AM)
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So I bought a contract with o2 a few months ago, it's the samsung galaxy flip z 3. 

A green light appeared right underneath the fold and the screen has flickered twice.

Anyway the O2 repair team took my phone to a repair shop, they told me because theres a small scratch on the back of the phone they are wanting to charge me nearly £300 to get my screen repaired.. it's not the screen what needs repairing. It's a common fault in the phone/system/software. 

Anyway Samsung took my phone to there repair team, they also said the same thing !! 

I'm paying nearly £40 a month for a phone what I haven't had for two months because it's been sent away twice and it's got a green line going across it! 

Some help would be appreciated. 

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Are they suggesting the " scratch " could have been caused by an accidental fall / bump, which is then in connection to what's happening with the phone now ? I assume they maybe.

o2 as the provider / seller of the phone are the one's duty bound to help under the Consumer-Rights-Act-2015 .

Take a look in the link ^

Samsung UK however as you've experienced will always also take a look at the phone under the Limited 2 year manufacturers warranty as a a support gesture.

However it's entirely upto o2 what happens if Samsung decline support.

Perhaps leave a post also on the o2 Community Forum for some direct advice, and add in your post that Samsung UK have already looked at the phone and declined support, as some members may automatically suggest to approach Samsung.

You could raise a complaint with o2 to see if a customer services agent will intercede.

You may also want to look at any insurance you took out with the phone, or Household Contents Insurance or some Bank Accounts provide cover as a perk of the account or pay the fee.

I appreciate these phone's are expensive which is why I have the Aramid Cover on my Fold³ @Melissam11 

I wish you all the best. Take care.  😎 

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Been saying for a while ... you can't bend glass or breaks.
Depending on how many times you look at the screen.. it will eventually have an impact on the crease.