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Samsung fold hinge issue fold 4- Samsung just lost a loyal customer for mistreatment in their Glendale location

(Topic created on: 09-10-2023 02:29 AM)
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I just had the worst experience if my life with any company.

I purchased a fold 4 brand new last year. It is still within warranty. The hinge does not open all the way anymore. Pretty much doesn't lay flat. I have no physical damage other than a microscopic scuff that is the size of a grain of sand. 

I took my device to Samsung I was told due to the physical damage, they were not able to warranty it. I told them it was normal to have some kind of scuff. I told them in purchased the actual Samsung case which was recommended by them when I purchased the phone. But the spot that had the microscopic mark was on the spot of the phone the case does not cover. I felt that was unreasonable. The person that helped was named Sean. I asked for a manager. Jessie the manager came over and I explained to him that I take care of my phone andy phone was not damaged. The tiny mark on the phone was due to normal wear and tear. He agreed when he looked at it and instructed Sean to do the warranty. Sean tells me they need the phone for 2 weeks for repairs. I could not leave it there that moment because this is my work phone. So I took it and told him I'll be back when I move my work number to another phone. I purchased the Samsung fold 5 and moved my info to the new phone. I then went back to the Americana Glendale store today. 


When I got there a girl helped me. I forgot her name. I told her my situation and she told me if a manager gave the approval then they can help. She told me it was a 5 hour wait but most likely it will be 2 hours. I told her I'll wait. 

When it was my turn to come up it was about 3 hours. I explained to the tech what the situation was. He told me he can't warranty it due to the "physical damage". And I needed tobring the business card with the name of the person that helped he written on it back from him to do anything. I asked him why we needed the card. He said it's sonthey can identify who helped me and who gave the approval. Well in their system they see clearly who the person was. He told me later it was Sean. So it made no sense to drive 20 miles back home to get the card to come back and pay for another $20 parking to be helped. But I told him I will do that and then he back pedals and says he can't guarantee they can warrantee the phone even with the card. I told him "well then why would you ask me to go home and get it if you are still not planning on helping me". He asked me to identify the manager. I pointed him out and said he was the one that approved it. His name was Jessie. 

He told me he was going to go ask him. I followed behind but he didn't notice. He walks by Jessie and then circles back to me without saying a word to jessie. He then tells me Jessie doesn't remember me so I need the card because it could have been a different manager. 

Jessie then came by and I explained to him what was happening and he was unwilling to do the warranty. He said a lot of things could have happened to the phone from the last time I was there and today. Things got escalated from that point. Samsung employees has zero integrity. Zero customer service and they find every reason possible to not due warranties. They told me they do a diagnostic on the phone to see if it's ever been dropped and if it has it voids all warranties. I told them dropping of the device at least once in it's lifespan is inevitable. It's guaranteed there will be some kind of droppage. But for Samsung to tell me they voided my warranty due to that microscopic mark on the device is unreasonable. They told me they can't help me and the manager Jessie didn't even want to stand there and fix the situation. They called the police on me and tried to get me escorted off the property. 

I am non longer a Samsung advocate. I have had Samsungs since the a237 devices from early 2000s. I have had every since note and when they discontinued I went to the galaxies s22 ultras. I had the fold 1, fold 4 and fold 5. I never went apple. But this year that's changing. Finally another manager was called out while the police was there and he finally did the warranty. But after the police was called on me. After every person in the store witnessed the horrific warranty experience and how they refused to do warranties for their devices. They use wear and tear marks on the device as a reason to void all warranties. There were at least 70 people in that store that witnessed what happened. Goodbye samsung

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And here is the business card with the exact manager's name written on it. Jessie is his name. Same one that refused to honor what he said he will do. 


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This is the UK site / forum.

You'll need to reach out in the US forum on this. Rules are different here in the UK.
yeah this is the uk site. i wouldn't even go to Samsung. id just call in and have their repair team repair it on my driveway.
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This is a link the U.S.A. Samsung Galaxy Fold site...

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For everyone experiencing these issues - I would recommend you just remove the screen protector - once it separates from the hinge you can just pull it off. It's not the actual screen. The phone closes so it can protect the screen from damage. it is ridiculous that a company would make you replace the phone versus just telling you to remove the screen protector. That's its own fraud case.


on the BBC last week.


I woke up to the black screen of death, apparently it’s my fault and will cost £420 to fix due to ‘general damage’ 


I’ve attached pics of my ‘damaged(!)’ phone!!



 they shouldn’t be selling these phones if they are no good for general use. Mine was bought in June 23.