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SAMSUNG FOLD 3 Warranty/Repair Issues

(Topic created on: 29-07-2022 07:02 PM)

Today I have experienced the worst customer service to date. I recently tried to have the small front screen protector replaced professionally and  I was willing to pay. I was advised by Samsung Support to go through their repair centre, they asked me to check the main screen was not lifting as well. If it was lifting warranty would probably cover the replacement of the front screen protector as well. I noticed the screen was very slightly lifting and called Samsung Support to update my notes. I took images with my phone as evidence of the screen lifting (images with phone on). The phone was collected by DPD which was also terrible experience as the courier threw all the packaging containing the special packaging to send the phone at myself and on the floor. I have security footage of these events. DPD just gave me an apology when I complained and told me they could not receive the footage. Today I received a quote from TMT First Repairs telling me I had damaged my main screen and that it would cost me £409 to replace and no supporting evidence. Obviously I was not very happy about this quote and contacted Samsung Support to discuss that I could not understand the so called damage. The agent then contacted TMT to be told I must of pressed to hard on the screen to cause the lifting. The agent explained I would have to pay or contact the repair centre myself. When I asked to speak to higher management he explained there was no one to talk to and that it was up to me to resolve. I contacted TMT who told me I had punctured the screen somehow and sent me photos of the screen (images below with phone off). Even though this was a different explanation from the agent he then went on to say the spine cover had signs of cosmetic damage and this put the phone out of warranty anyway. Samsung warranty is not affected by cosmetic damage only screen cracks, deep scratches and anything else which affects the operational function of the phone. I then contacted Samsung Support again and explained the situation, the agent agreed he could not understand their findings and also the fact his colleague told me I could not escalate the issue. He raised the issue with his manager who also agreed and then transferred me to customer complaints. The customer complaints agent explained that the repair engineer could not of damaged my phone and that the damage according to the repair engineer placed my phone out of warranty. The only thing he could do is raise a 'damage in transit investigation, 10-14days for an answer'. Once again no one higher up to speak to??? Why will they not just authorise the work??? It seems to me they're finding any excuse to make money out of their own loyal customers on a failing phone design. I wish I had never bought this phone, I had to wait 3months just to get it when first purchased. Today I have spent 4 stressful hours on the phone to basically get nowhere and now wait a further 14days to probably get no positive result. THANKS SAMSUNG NO.1 CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Photos attached Let me know your thoughts??



20220729_084432[1] (2).jpg

20220729_084200[1] (1).jpg


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I have the same issue with my fold 3 and have been told by ee that it will be over £700 to replace the fold screen saver.
This is the first and last samsung I will buy as there customer service is not worth the paper or screen its written on.

Back to Apple.

After a happy resolution 7 months ago, where Three paid for my Flip repair, the screen is now cracking. Here we go again......there's a minute dink on the back of my phone, I fully expect the Samsung repairers to claim warranty void again, robbing b*****ds. Samsung should be ashamed of these phones and the terrible service orovided

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Same issue puncture in the screen. The phone been in a case as soon as it came out its box.

TMT want money for a new battery  when it wasnt sent back for the battery. And new screen.  Phone  was poor performing from day 1 wish i had never  purchased it.. 


First the protector fall off, now got this after 1.5 years of use. How durable is this device. 



I have had same issue in UK with my Fold3 5G and my Fiancee had same thing with her Flip 3.