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Samsung flip 3 easily breakable and high fixing charge!! Warranty is a lie

(Topic created on: 01-12-2021 08:21 PM)
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I am fuming! I had my Samsung flip 3 one month (first time trying a Samsung phone and never again!!!) it was fine and one day the screen just stopped working so I took it for repair and was told it would be done on warranty or worst case screen repair £79... a get and email saying slight damage to the curve so they believe ‘potential drop’ and charging me £279 right before Xmas too!! I don’t even remember dropping my phone and there was no damage to it! If the phone is that weak and easily breakable it’s should come with a basic case (didn’t even get a chance to get one yet) or don’t release it until it’s actually useable!!! How often is this going to happen now with this phone?! One month didn’t even drop it and the screen goes completely because one tiny bit of plastic on the curve is slightly misshapen WOW man do I miss iPhone! 

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How did you pay for your device?

IF on a CREDIT card (not debit card) then do a Section 75 Claim through your bank for defective goods.

IF on a debit card, go for chargeback through your bank. Less rights here but worth a go.
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Purchase some gadget insurance mate, it's far better & cheaper if you have delicate devices.
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Hi @Members_dIWWie0 


I totally understand and appreciate your frustrated and feeling let down with the current situation.

You may find the advice in this link helpful > consumer-rights-act-2015. 

If Samsung believe after assessing the phone that accidental damage is a factor then they would decline support under the limited 2 year warranty, as you've now experienced. 

I appreciate you've stated " I don’t even remember dropping my phone and there was no damage to it! "

Personally when if I have to submit my phone for repair or refund then I take time and date stamped pictures of the phone to show it's aesthetic condition and one of it turned On just in case the condition of the phone is called into question. 

When I order a new phone I either order a case at the same time or order one beforehand as these phone's are expensive and can be slippery to hold.

If you have Household Contents insurance you could look to see if your covered and some bank accounts provide mobile phone cover as a perk of the account.

I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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