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Samsung Care+ (Assurant) and faulty Z Fold 4

(Topic created on: 02-12-2022 08:28 PM)
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

I recently opened a claim using Samsung Care+ via Assurant after my Z Fold 4 developed a problem with the inner display, see photo. It has been over two weeks since I submitted the claim and I have heard nothing, and the status is still "Claim Pending" on the Assurant website.

Is this length of time to process a claim normal because it seems excessive to me, especially without any updates?

If the problem is not clear from the picture the inner display has developed two circular areas of, what appear to be, dead pixels almost in the centre of the display and right on the depression of the screen where the hinge is. I have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions on the support page but nothing has helped.

I would be grateful if someone from Samsung could reply and let me know how I can get this fixed.


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Timescales can depend on how busy the departments are @kashmir08 

i.e workload before your phone open service order. 

I'd suggest to contact Samsung Customer Services directly and or send a direct Private Message to the Team here via > How-to-send-a-private-message-on-the-samsung-community.  

They may be able to help and guide you.

I wish you all the best. 🤞

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I'm here to help.

Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
This would appear to a product defect. I'd be looking at Samsung to replace the Fold 4 or repair it under warranty. 2 weeks without any update is not really unacceptable in my personal opinion.

Samsung website for Samsung Care+ states "Claims, support and repairs sorted without delays".
This says that they have the necessary resources in place to deal with issues.
Ask the CEO how long he would expect to wait for such an issue. There is link an email on the Samsung website. Unlikely it will get to the CEO personally, but someone should see it. You may get a standard fob off email, or an escalation.
You may want to take to a Samsung Experience Store, where other potential customers are likely to be. Hopefully this will prompt them to act to resolve the issue, rather than have other customers see issues with one of their premium products.