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returned defective phone - The warehouse received an empty box!

(Topic created on: 09-12-2022 09:38 AM)
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I'm still in shock after I received an email from samsung that " Your Return Was Not Accepted "


I ordered an flip4 a week ago and not even after a full day I received it, my kid dropped the phone on the floor from the dining table and the middle hinge was stuck and I could not open 180 degrees!!

I immediately requested a return request, returned on the next morning, using Fedex label received from Samsung.

And I bought a S22 ultra, next day. 


I received the inspection video from samsung and the video shows VERY different from what and how I packaged it.

I wrapped everything with the paper thingy that came originally very carefully, but it was a mess in the box.

The free of charge watch 4 and strap were in there. BUT there was NO PHONE INSIDE THE BOX!!


I contacted the customer service right after I received the email and got the case number.

I'm am still so shocked this can be happening!!


I looked up the tracking progress, there are delays THREE TIMES during the transit.

I'm pretty sure there were something happening with FEDEX - IRVING TX. 

(1) Address corrected

(2) Shipment exception - Barcode label unreadable and replaced

(3) Delivery exception - Damaged, handling per shipper instructions

These all happened on the same day, within an hour.

This is like No way, I leave 20 minutes away from the Samsung return warehouse and I used the label sent by Samsung.


Anybody had a same experience with me? Should I just wait for the case to be resolved or contact my bank to open a claim for this?

Big Cheese
Judging by previous customers similar complaints, I'd call the bank.

@lhe7124: I'm sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue while returning your Galaxy Z Flip4. In this instance I recommend reaching out to the Shop Team in your region by following the link below, as they will be able to carry out an internal investigation if the item has been lost in transit. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Helping Hand
Fedex too should be aware atleast
Samsung didn't send you a defective phone, Samsung sent you a brand new phone in full working order and your kid broke it! You then decided to stiff Samsung by returning it for a full refund (probably claiming that they sent you a defective phone?). Now you're complaining because the courier screwed you over? 👀

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung iPhone user.

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