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Poor repair job

(Topic created on: 07-03-2023 02:44 PM)
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I updated my post but honestly I'm not sure what to do (if there's anything to be done)?

Sent phone away for the 1 time replacement on inner screen protector (UK). Factory reset my phone, it was away for 11 days total. My OH replacement his own protector in that time, doing a flawless job! His looks amazing. I've just got my out of the box to look at the job done to mine.

Mine was sent to what should be professionals and has come back not flawless. This little spot is pealing & I'm going to have to replace it which is what I was trying to avoid. 

I'm assuming Samsung will won't even offer an apology for this? This doesn't seem like much but with paying out so much for the phone & being vaguely threatened with if we replace ourselves, we may void warranty surely this should have been flawless?


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If you are not happy with the work done.
If you got the work done through Samsung.
Then contact Samsung Customer Support and explain the problem.
From your photo, this is something that I wouldn't accept, and needs to be redone.
Clearly some dust has got under the protector.
Surprised it was passed with the defect
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Yeah they want me to send my phone away again for another 11 days minimum. But there's no guarantee that they will actually fix this. It's shocking. But I don't accept this. If my uncoordinated OH can do a decent job. Theirs should be freaking amazing!
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Hi @SnickerFudge 

Samsung will guarantee their work and I agree some form of quality checking should have taken place before it was despatched back to you.

I also agree these phone's are expensive so it's reasonable to expect a good job being carried out.

The factory fitted screen protector on my Fold³ delaminated so I removed it and now use the phone without one.

If you do want Samsung to re fit another then yes the phone would have to be sent away again.

Or alternatively ask your partner to fit one on yours as a resolution.

Would you let us know how you get on please.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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