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Poor customer experience fold 3 and two flip 3s.

(Topic created on: 31-07-2023 12:00 AM)
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Hi all, 

I'm frustrated at Samsung for not really helping me with my issues and I seem to be getting "fobbed" off. 

I've had my fold 3 for 9 months. Screen protector already been replaced by Samsung under warranty 6 months after and now it's gone again. My sons flip went 3 months after and now has gone again. Now my daughers flip has the same thing. By gone I mean it's stating to bubble at the middle and now going across the screen. 

Obviously this has to be a design flaw, or I'm the most unluckiest dad due to 3 phones all with the same issues.

Anyway, Samsung have said all they can do is to fix and won't acknowledge an issue, but I'm not prepared to lose my phone for another 10 days and was given the option of going into an EE store to get it fixed. After booking in all 3 phones, I arrived today to be told by EE that they don't have any flip or fold screen protectors in and that they've been told by Samsung they don't know when they will get them back in and it's a world wide shortage. Surely this means that so many are having issues that they're out of stock no?

Anyway after speaking again to the customer care team and them basically saying nothing they can do but for me to send the phone to a Samsung service centre, I ask if I could raise this higher and to speak to a superviser/manager. I was told no and the team manager isn't customer facing? I was then told that the person I'm speaking to is the highest person I can speak to at Samsung???? I was so shocked and annoyed, I just had to end the call. 

So, is that it? My choices are to wait for the EE store to get protectors in, or lose all the phones for 10 days? There seems to be no accountability for Samsung and nothing for the time, money and inconvenience they're causing, just tough luck?

I think I already know the answer, however it does mean things like my TV, future phones and other appliances, now come into question with Samung and when it's time for new ones, definately not going with Samsung. 

Thanks for reading. 

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3 X folding phones all going the same way is either unlucky or design.

I would demand replacements and if you get no joy (don't let them fob you off) then apply to your country's small claims court to recover the full price paid.
There's one major reason there why i would never ever buy a folding phone, from samsung or any other company for that matter, hope you get your issues sorted, good luck.
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I can understand and appreciate why your confidence will have been rocked with your phone's @Members_nCrxOwB 

I owned the Samsung Z Fold³ and unfortunately the factory fitted screen protector on the inside screen delaminated. 

I chose to peel the plastic protector from the phone and use it without one.

Entirely my choice as at the time it seemed Samsung Service Centres were removing the whole screen and fitting a new one that already had the screen protector fitted.

I didn't want this for my phone.

I've spoken to people who opted to putchase a screen protector from accessories manufacturers as a workaround.

I have a colleague at work who's Fold³ screen protector has also delaminated but also colleagues who own the Fold³ , Fold⁴ and Flip⁴ who's screen protector hasn't delaminated so my thoughts are this isn't affecting all phone's.

I'm sorry but I do not have any definitive answer for you.

As ee supplied the phone's then as the merchant they are duty bound under UK Consumer-Rights-Act-2015 to support you under the 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra 512Gb ~ Titanium Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Mine looks like it has lifted along the fold. Is this just the protector or a screen issue? How do I go about peeling it if it is the protector? Thank you in advance ☺️
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What a terrible experience- I have been going through something similar. 

My screen started to split down the middle , where the phone folds, after 6 months of owning the phone.- Phone was sent to a third party repair company through my provider, and fixed, however, 8months after the repair the same issue appeared. Went to my provider, to which they had said that the work should be covered for 1 year- sent it off again and was told a different story.

Sent my phone off on May 18th 2023, got a reply from the repair company stating that they want $674.00 to repair the faulty screen, phoned my service provider, to which they said, get the phone shipped back with NO repair and get the retail store to cover it off. - It took 2 months for my phone to be shipped back and the retail store has been ignoring me for the last 3.5 weeks. Contract is up and they want their phone back in tip top shape and now want me to pay $710.00. I have been pushed to customer service of Samsung to which they keep stating that it is outside of the warranty and not their problem- Consumers are expected to pay for the faulty screens of this product. Noone is willing to help and it becomes the consumers problem to pay for the defect.

This is absolutely ridiculous. - I was a samsung supporter up until this experience- Apple just got themselves a new fan. 

Do better Samsung