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Phone starting to die..

(Topic created on: 07-04-2024 11:34 PM)
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Phone: Samsung Fold3 

I will straight away say that the phone has had a front screen replacement which works completely fine.. 

But over the last 2 weeks, my front camera has stopped working (when the phone is closed) and now the inner screen has gone completely black, bottom right of the screen when you have the home button and back button etc... I can still feel the vibration as if the screen was on.... but its just black and nothing is there

It hasn't been dropped since the screen replacement which was last year. I have tried I think all options for fixing it without having to spend £400.. for something that's broken on my phone conveniently 4 months after my warranty runs out..  

Does anyone have anything else I can try.. :smiling-face: I have tried almost everything, bar putting it in rice (this is a joke, there is no water damage)

TIA :smiling-face:

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Hi @Palmy29 

You mention a front screen replacement.

Did Samsung carry out this screen replacement ?

I assume your 24 month Manufacturing Warranty has fully expired as you say it's 4 months out of warranty. 

To answer about the inner screen issues which may or may not be connected to the front screen replacement , you'll need to either claim on Samsung Care+ if you have this andor  look to any relevant Home Contents Insurance again if you have this ,or if not ask a Samsung Service Centre to assess the phone. 

A highstreet store that fixes phone's wont be abke to help due to the technology of the inner screen i think. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 


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