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Phone come back from repairs worse then it went in HELP?!

(Topic created on: 09-12-2023 06:32 PM)
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Hi all

TL:DR sent phone in for repairs, Samsung said warranty void. I couldn't afford repairs, so they sent it back, has arrived back in a far far worse condition then when I sent it in. Has anyone experienced similar what did Samsung do? 

Long story 

I have a fold 4. Last week I notice the screen protector had started bubbling at the top on the fold line of the big screen. So get in touch with Samsung for repairs. 
By the time they collected it, it has a tiny black line of burnt out pixels. And the bubbled screen protector now ran the length of the fold. Screen was still usable and responsive. 

Samsung received my phone. Because I had dropped it months ago and there was a tiny crack at the top of the front screen, they said my phone was void of warranty. And wanted £634 to fix. Its Xmas. I've got kids so can't afford that atm. So ask for it to be sent back. 

It arrives back. And I open the big screen to find a massive black line the entire way down the fold and near the top (lower then the little line there was wen I sent it) there's a round patch of burnt out pixels joined to the massive line. The entire screen is unresponsive now aswell. 

So I got into chat with Samsung said I'm not happy. Its been raised further. Luckily I had taken a video of my phone before sending it in (I was showing my friend what had happened to my screen). So I have emailed them in 2 videos. Before and after sending it in. 

My reason for posting. I wondered if anyone had this happen to them? And what Samsung did about it. 
Whether the palmed u off with polices or actually fixed the problem.

Many pleased and thank yous for reading/responding to my post. 



LAYLA,  maybe a prayer for just one lawyer who uses this Zfold4 or Zfold5 that's gonna be experiencing and be annoyed big time and will sue SAMSUNG.

I have to research or perhaps contact these lawyers that sued Facebook. 


In a similar vein, I bought my good lady a Flip 3 for Xmas last December. The phone developed the well known screen protector issue (it peels away at the hinge). Contacted Samsung and was advised to send away for repair (it has a 2 year warranty). Low and behold 4 days later received an invoice from the repair company (TMT First) for the sum of £339 !! Apparently because the phone has a couple of minor scratches this voids the warranty.

"Please note our warranty does not cover:
- cosmetic damage(s)- general wear and tear, scratch marks, scuff marks, anywhere the paint is missing.
- impact damage(s)- impact marks, dent marks, chip marks, anywhere the Paint is missing.
- physical damage(s)- bends, cracks, smacks, anywhere parts of the device is missing."

To add insult to injury, the phone was returned when I refused to pay with the screen protector fully removed meaning that following Samsung's own guidelines the phone shouldn't be used as this could result in damage to the screen !!!

Been in a constant battle with Samsung ever since and they basically refuse to find any solution and will not even discuss my rights under Consumer Rights Act 2015.

I get the feeling they are hoping I'll lose the will to keep fighting, they are wrong.

So buyer beware, they have a rating of 1.2 with 90% 1 star on Trustpilot for a very good reason.

This just happend to me now.. i can nit believe it.. im exactly on 2nd year of my 24 month contract and this just happend , do i call my phone provider or samsung ????