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Not happy

(Topic created on: 19-06-2023 05:27 PM)
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Hi, hope everyone is managing to stay cool. I have just sent my wife z flip 3 for repair under warranty but have been told there's impact damage so they will not honour the warranty. I took photos before sending away and samsung 'support' have said they can see the back has lifted therefore its damaged and I have to pay £379. None of my photos show anything of the sort and even if they had the fault is nothing to do with the case. It will only work when the charger is connected even with a full battery, just seems to be a way of charging you instead of giving warranty repair.
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Have you submitted your photos? For their review?
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What? Samscam again
My Samsung flip Z3 is starting to crack along the fold, its only a year old, I am 61 so not a teenager who is constantly on the phone it doesn't get excessive use so why is it cracking. Its still under warranty so I'll update how I get on when I visit the Samsung store. Personally I feel its a manufacturing flaw in the design yet Samsung are still selling it at around £1000.00 a phone, they are not cheap, I would expect it to at least last the length of my contract which is 36 months....
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Did the Samsung Service Centre send you their photo's of the issue they have found upon assessment of your phone for you to look at  ?

Any accidental damage would mean a Repair would be chargeable unfortunately. 


If a Network supplied the phone via a contract then they as the merchant have a duty of care under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 as detailed >   Here   <  to assist you as it's them that help under the banner of the warranty. 

That said Samsung will endeavour to assist too.

You quite correct that these phone's are indeed expensive and as such do undergo complex testing before being released for sale. If the screen has failed and falls under the banner of the Limited 2 year warranty then then there should be no reason why your network would refuse a repair. 

Would you both please let us know how you get on  ?

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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My provider would send the phone for repair but I would be without a phone for 10 days. If my washing machine, which was a lot cheaper than this phone, went wrong within the warranty period I would return it for a replacement yet a mobile phone has to be repaired even though its a design fault..
Have an repair appointment on Friday at the Samsung store.