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Never again samsung, big layers,

(Topic created on: 17-01-2023 03:23 PM)
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I did bought 2 phones which cost me nearly £4000, and than they lay to me about the voucher and the reward points and I did spoke on the phone with them ,they keep transfer me to each other and no one sort out my problem. 
I will go everywhere on social media and I will write my bad experience with you guys, bad customer service bad company 

Big Cheese
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Hi, sorry to here that, but that seems to be a recurring thing, I've noticed a few people complaining about that, you should of asked for a refund, that usually lets companies pay more attention than anything else.
Just keep trying before the time expires.

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Hi @mooooo 

In regards to the " voucher ' which one was this i.e the Adidas voucher maybe ?

Did you fill in the claim form for this within the eligibility dates and receive by return a confirmation of your claim by Samsung to your email address  ?

In regards to the Samsung Reward points a person needs to be signed in on the Samsung Online Shop page to be able to collect / earn the Reward points.

Sometimes a person does not realise this and creates the sale as a Guest.

If you checked out as a Guest you will not be entitled to earn Rewards points on your order. "

And a person needs to be signed upto Samsung Reward Points.

To add on the Samsung Rewards Points Faqs page here > " Please note that your points will appear in your account 14 days after delivery. "

And " If you were logged into your Samsung Account but not enrolled, you will have 28 days after the purchase date to retrospectively join Rewards. " 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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