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Main screen screensaver.

(Topic created on: 31-05-2022 04:13 PM)
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So I have an issue with the main screen screen protector ( if that's what you call it). Basically it has came unstuck all the way down the fold on my  z fold 3 My phones about 6 months old. No problem so I thought, having had many Samsung devices/household appliances and still do I've always found customer service to be some of best, particularly when things go wrong. Oh how wrong could I of been, they basically are not interested, instead they want to charge me to have it replaced. Although they no longer insist we don't remove it they suggest strongly that we don't. However their agent who called me today after I had an online chat a couple of days ago told me it's a free accessory. Erm don't think so the phone came with it on it so it is certainly not a free accessory. I have a couple of issues initially Samsung insisted we didn't remove these or I believe they would not honour the warranty. They then shifted the goal posts and said ok we will honour the warranty if you remove them but if you do you will probably damage the screen then we won't honour your warranty work that one out. . Yet they will not replace it unless it is at my cost. I'm let's say annoyed more out of principle than anything else. This is a copy and paste of a part of my online chat with them. "Thank you for that confirmation. Going back to your query, please note that the protector film attached to the main screen is designed exclusively for foldable devices. To maintain the screen it is recommended that you do not remove the film or apply any unapproved films or stickers to your device. Doing so may result in damage to the screen. If the screen protector is peeling off your device it is recommended that you visit your local Samsung Experience Store or book a repair.#
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Hi @kennyrda 


There has been a few posts I've read where a Samsung Service Centre ended up replacing the whole screen and battery to get a factory fitted screen protector issue sorted.

If you perform a forum search I'm sure you'll find some of the previous threads. 

In some cases the service centre wanted to levy a charge for replacement.

My Fold³ also delaminated down the fold section which I ended up carefully peeling off.

Samsung say you can remove the protector if you wish which does not invalidate the 2 year manufacturers warranty however if damage is done while removing the protector then it will invalidate the warranty.

Removing it is just like removing other factory fitted screen protector.

I decided I didn't want my phone to be disassembled to remedy this so I decided to remove the protector, and all has been fine with it in my case.

3rd party accessory manufacturers such as Whitestone Dome sell protectors for the Fold³ , however from looking at their dedicated website / YouTube it looks to be very fiddly to apply.

Of course this was my personal decision to remove the protector.

It's upto the individual on what decision they make on this.

Would you let us know how you get on with this.

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Yeah, I have seen the posts on here where they have replaced the screen and battery to get the factory screen protector issue sorted. I believe I saw one where they also changed the hinges.
Alas I can't even get a new screen protector out of them. Not sure I want to remove mine, would certainly much rather have it on there, however I am stubborn and don't believe I should be charged for it at all, 6 months isn't good enough by a long way. They described it as a free accessory to me, I'm sure that car manufacturers don't count the wheels or any other of the cars components as a free accessory.
Having spoke to online chat which ended up escalated to a call from them (over a day later than promised) I don't hold out much hope.
Makes me consider my brand loyalty as for me customer service is the clincher. Such a shame as I do love their products and I have many from home appliances to my watches and my phones.

I did ask them why others have had it done under warranty when they refuse it for me but they didn't answer that, instead they circumnavigated that