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Is anyone else's galaxy fold 5 stuttering and not smooth

(Topic created on: 10-08-2023 07:09 AM)
I love my note 5 whilst it's not a big update over the fold 4 which I had I love no gap and brighter screen

One thing I've noted is that it's not smooth when going between menus and the app drawer and some apps are not smooth either

This was the same on the fold 4 I expected that the new processor would have made the phone super smooth like the galaxy s23 ultra 

I hope Sammy release a software update soon firstly to get us to August patch and second to make the phone smoother 
Samsung Members Star ★
My Z Fold 5 is running smoothly.
Will get the odd app that doesn't scroll that smooth. But that's not the phone, be an issue with the app
But otherwise I'm enjoying how great this phone is.

Just make sure everything is updated.
Check in battery and device care that it's all optimised.
Regularly restarting the phone helps with keeping things running normally

If you have just got the phone, it goes through a conditioning cycle for the first week of use.

If nothing else, try clearing the Partition Cache on the phone