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Introducing the Galaxy Z Flip3!

(Topic created on: 11-08-2021 04:36 PM)

01_101Galaxy Z Flip3 KV(5G)_2P_CMYK_210607_H.jpg


It's time to express yourself! These days your phone is an extension of you, so it's time to make a statement with the Z Flip3.  

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 empowers you to express yourself with bold colour options, a sleek design, and premium features. With an extensive choice of colours – Cream, Lavender, Green and Phantom Black (as well as Grey, White and Light Pink available exclusively from, you can match your phone to your style. Plus, new stylish ring grips and strap cases make it even easier to hold and fold the phone.   




The re-designed Cover Screen is now four times larger than its predecessor at 1.9 inches, making it easier to view notifications and messages (up to 8 lines of text!) without having to open the device. Keep up with your schedule, check the weather, and monitor your daily step count with brand new Cover Screen widgets!  Co-ordinate the Cover Screen wallpaper with your new Galaxy Watch4 or Watch4 Classic for a seamless look, and with Samsung Pay built directly into the Cover Screen, it’s never been easier to check out on-the-go. 

Get the perfect shot every time. Packed with the latest and greatest camera features, you can take even more selfies hands-free with Flex mode, or keep the device folded and capture ultra-crisp selfies —and now, even a video—right from the Cover Screen. Plus, scrolling and sharing is super smooth, thanks to Galaxy Flip3’s new 120Hz adaptive refresh rate


01_106galaxy z flip3 lifestyle kv(5g)_flex mode selfie_1p(rgb)_210716_H.jpg


Flex Mode works for you, with the new Panel feature making apps easier to use and look better. It also gives you a new convenient viewing experience by moving the video to the top half of the screen and the show’s controls—like brightness and volume—to the bottom half. 

...And, yes, calls really do end when you close the screen. There's no time to waste, live out your dreams and be bold with that flip! 

Pre-order yours now! The Galaxy Z Flip3 is on pre-order from today (August 11th - 26th August) in the UK and Ireland, with the release date just around the corner on August 27th. With enhanced Trade-in, a year of protection from Samsung Care+, and access to Samsung Boost offers, you won't want to miss out. 

Get involved and share your thoughts below! What are you most looking forward to? Who are you going to hang up on first? Just kidding... 😅

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She pretty 😍


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Please get DeX support into the flip. Even if its just the wireless version or via a PC only. Great phone apart from no DeX.
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Thr clear case with ring is not fit for purpose. The plastic tabs are glued in to the ring oart by the tiniest bit of glue imaginable. It has broken and nearly damaged phone/lost it. Needs re-




Don't Buy This Phone! This has been nagging at me! I bought a $1000 gift for my daughter’s wedding that is a brick now. They got about 60 days of use before it stopped & melted down while sitting on table. (this just happed; the phone was not in use or damaged in any way) Likely you have heard that before. There are 100’s of posts/articles that say the same thing & don’t buy this phone… Sent to Samsung repair… After it came back from the repair people it does not light up anymore. When shipped; the screen would light up but at the fold it appeared that liquid had oozed out. It was not possible to see or read anything on either screen but it was clearly powered up & seemed to be taking commands. When it came back from the repair there was no explanation of any kind. Why it was back? What was wrong? Why it does not turn on any more? No options were offered? Since then; I have been completely left without recourse or anyone willing to talk about it. Highly upsetting… I am a phone sales & minor repair rep for a living. I have recommended or sold 10’s of thousands of Samsung phones or products over the last 6 years. Until this myself & family swore by Samsung Products. This has ended that completely. Now I have a goal for next year to stop completely sales or persuade anyone coming in for Samsung to seriously consider any other option I can present a case for. I will be doing anything that I can to get even… My daughter is an attorney in New York State & she feels we will win hands down in Small Claims court in a few weeks. However I’m disappointed to see no “Class Action Suit” started. Hopefully soon.