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I have black line in the middle of screen. I should not belive galaxy fold.

(Topic created on: 31-03-2023 06:52 PM)
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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

My fold z3 warranty is just over. I cant get any support from serive center. I used only 14 months. I have 9 times more payment still. I think for this happening samsung must recall this phone with same problem. I believe this is not our fault. 

I believe this is 3rd generation so ... it will be stable ,, but it was my big mistake. I hope samsaung has to recall this phone. If someone has same problem within a year , you guys are lucky. 

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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
Sorry to hear about your experience with this.
I believe the screen has a two year warranty if I remember correctly.

A couple of suggestions worth exploring
Some bank accounts include insurance and can include mobile phones as well if you have given them the phone details previously
Household insurance can include mobile repairs sometimes.

So far with my Fold and Flip phones I've not experienced any issues. But I realise that with anything, there will be some complications.

Hopefully you get it sorted and continue to enjoy the great device