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Huge Rainbow dead Pixel/warranty rejected

(Topic created on: 14-05-2022 05:04 PM)
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Need some advice on what steps I could take.  My Flip 3 has a huge circular rainbow coloured dead pixel in the centre of the device where it folds.  I sent it off for repair, and I was told it was damaged which just isn't true.  I was quoted £279 to replace the screen, which I obviously refused.  I told them it's never been damaged, and they replied with some pictures which they think proves it's damaged, but I see no damage, because there isn't.


These pictures are of what it looks like right now.


These pictures are of what the repair centre sent.



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I know little about this except it's more than one pixel that is kaput. I'm not sure if the technicians mean the white lights should be flat but that may be normal for a fold. If you do a search on this forum, many have had screen issues. There is resistance from Samsung about this issue, I have no idea why.
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You could ask Samsung for a 2nd opinion however you may receive a similar response.

You could also raise a ticket to Samsung to challenge the engineers report.

Another option is to check for any applicable insurance such as Home Contents insurance or some Bank Accounts provide cover as a perk of the account.

Apart from that as the Samsung Team here are unable to intercede, and we as customers can only but sympathise with your situation there isn't anything we can do from your post here on the forum.

I wish I could point you in a direction to get this sorted 🤔

Sometimes when it's a single dead pixel then using the colour test panels via dialing in your phone app *#0*# can help.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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