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Horrible customer service

(Topic created on: 06-10-2023 03:47 PM)
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Dear Samsung, you are appalling.


My wife and I, iPhone users, we wanted to swap our phone with the incredible and jaw dropping Z series.


I placed 2 orders and because I’m an old clumsy head, I did choose the wrong colour and I decided to cancel both orders. I had to wait a week for my IMEI to become free…wow, not that fast Samsung, it’s London, wake up!


Finally, happy with our IMEI in my hands, run to place both again.

I had big expectations about YOU, considering the amount of CASH I paid to have both flagship phones, I expected you to be professional at least.


  • Saturday 08/04 I receive 1 email stating my Flip 4 is ready for collection.


It took more than 1h to reach your “flagship” centre in London King’s Cross…


  • Samsung flip 4: Exactly what we expected, great phone
  • I asked about my other order because either on the online tool “lookup” or live chat, no one could give me any updates about it.


After waiting 25 minutes, your employees comes back to me saying:


  • my phone has not left the warehouse because I did too many transactions and it’s blocked for manual approval but because of bank holidays…


That’s it, my phone is not with me because of the bank holiday? That is the first reason why people spend their money! Wake up!


  • And he keep adding: honestly, you look suspicious too…doing all that transactions..


Me suspicious? Why? Because of my dark skin and my beard? Or because my wife she’s Asian?


  • let me get this straight: you take my money (both phone paid CASH!) more than 2k paid in CASH, and after that you tell me I’m suspicious??
  • If I’m suspicious, you block my card, you don’t let me finish my order, cross my name from your list.
  • DONT TAKE MY MONEY, KEEP THE PHONE I PAID FOR, and THEN, check if I’m good enough to receive your device.
  • YOU ARE SUSPICIOUS! Taking my money and not giving me what I paid for. This is called scam!


This was a gift for me and my wife, to celebrate our hard work and you spoiled everything! What would you do in my place? How would you feel if you were in my shoes?


Samsung Members Star ★★


Please do accept my apologies as my post has upset you while you are already upset at the current state of affairs with your recent order and subsequent events.

The emoji I used is to show me thinking of what could have gone wrong and that some of your post I didn't quite understand so again thinking of what you meant which is why I asked about the cash wording in your post.

I in no way intended to be rude 😟

I assure you of my best of intentions at all time's as a fellow customer / member of the Samsung Community Forum replying in my private time to try and help.

I wish you all the best with this.

Take care.

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra 512Gb ~ Titanium Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "


customer service is useless , just trot out the same old rubbish , they ar having technical issues , bear with them , will let yiu know when your item will be delivered as it will not be the date given, Had to call 3 times to find out if my items were arriving or not. Clueless!