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Galaxy Z Fold 3 Battery Life

(Topic created on: 18-11-2021 06:35 PM)
Anyone have any tips to improve battery life? I have turned Vivid mode off and always have Battery Saver on i have Resource intensive apps in deep sleep mode and i have Galaxy Gaurdians installed but i still feel like this 4,400 Mah battery goes down way way to quick.

@Knightshift76: I'm sorry to hear that. If you charge the phone to 100%, use it as you would normally until it reaches 50%, then head to Settings > Battery and Device Care > Battery, and tap on the graph, does it list any apps that are using an abnormal amount of battery? In the meantime, please attempt the following energy saving tips to improve your overall battery life. 

- Shut down all background apps when not in use via the Recent Apps button
- Settings > Connections > More Connection Settings > Nearby Device Scanning > Off
- Turn off Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth when not in use
- Head to Settings > Battery and Device Care > Battery > Power Saving Mode > On, and check the additional options below
- Go back and select More Battery Settings > Adaptive Battery > On > Enhanced Processing > Off. 

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Hello @Knightshift76 


I'm not keen on turning Off features and functions I use on my phone,  however I do the following.


  • Dark Mode.
  • Dark Wallpaper.
  • AOD set to appear when the screen is tapped.
  • Sync is set on my phone for my main email and I've set other sync options to suit my wants and needs.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Deep sleep mode.
  • Location Improve Accuracy is Off.
  • In Settings, Connections I have 5G turned Off.
  • Facebook App Uninstalled so now I access Facebook via my browser.
  • Google Chrome is disabled as I use Samsung Internet.
  • Adaptive Brightness is Off.
  • I only use the Calendar and clock widget.
  • I do not use Apk's.
  • I don't use battery scanning apps as these by their very nature due to constant always On they use battery.

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Here's the Graph.Screenshot_20211118-191801_Device care.jpgScreenshot_20211118-191812_Device care.jpg

@Knightshift76: I can see that YouTube has been using a lot of battery. Streaming apps such as this can be quite power intensive, especially after prolonged periods of use, so this would go some way towards explaining why you're not getting the expected battery life from your Z Fold 3. 

I don't buy any new phone especially £1600 phone to turn any features off
Don't know what you expecting to get or what your getting SOT but I'm constantly getting 5.5-6 hrs SOT and it's more than I got with my note 20 ultra on a daily basis
Not sure what your expectations are but powering 2 screens your not going to get iPhone like battery stats
Also I do believe its down to user error when getting bad battery stats
What apps you use and how you set your phone up. Certain apps eat battery
Apps can drain away in back ground
You need to keep an eye on this and watch what's going on
I always like to delete cache from recovery once a wk and if I have a day where my battery usage was high for no reason this is the 1st thing I do.
You can create routines also
So automatically turn WiFi off/on wheneaving house same with Bluetooth and other battery draining apps and settings
I don't use always on display as I have a galaxy watch 4 so I use that for checking notifications and time
Never use power saving mode
Always have Enhanced processing on

So what's your daily average SOT?
What are you expecting from a dual screened beast with a a smaller battery than 95% of other Flagship phones