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Galaxy Fold - the future in the move

(Topic created on: 11-09-2019 12:22 PM)

It needed some waiting but I could really touch Galaxy Fold at the IFA, where I was invited as a Community representative.

Seeing Fold is not just that. Although Samsung's hall was full of interesting devices, from 8K TVs, to tablets, laptop, watches to smart washing machines and refrigerators, Fold was the only one about a half-hour queue. Samsung had it well picked up, the queue was organized and lined with attractions like Note10 etc.



Galaxy Fold stageGalaxy Fold stage20 minut more...20 minut more...

After the necessary waiting the moment came and I could play for almost 15 minutes with the Samsung Galaxy Fold , the first really usable flexible phone in the world (not quite desirable competition attempts we would rather not remind much :winking-face: )


At the stand I was taken by a very nice gentleman who was willing to help me with recording a video and responded without any effort for marketing speach . He explained what and how; openly showed what Samsung has changed since the first release and did not rush at me. I could really play as long as I wanted.


When you take Fold, you feel like you are holding an old buttons phone. The device is very narrow for today's conditions, but strong and heavy: after all, they are actually two phones in one.

On the front side there is a display that is lined with thin frames from the left and right, but there is a lot of space from the upper and lower side. Even if the display is  not limited and the device can be used without restriction even in the closed state, future owners will probably only receive calls and read SMS. Already when I was writing I felt that there was little space.

On the back side is a camera, on the sides of the volume buttons, Bixby / power and a fingerprint reader.

The body is silver (I do not know if there will be other variations) and incredibly catches imprints. There should be a case available, unfortunately they didn't have it at the stand.


I think the description of a closed phone is enough, let's go open it! Maybe there is someone who can do it with one hand, but I'm not. Opening and closing is not difficult, but it requires both hands.

The device is stably held in both open and closed condition. The opening and closing process is smooth. After opening, the phone is locked in the opened state. The display shows the image even when opening or closing, there is a smaller transition at the break, but it does not matter at all, because in the semi-open state nobody will operate the phone.


A very common question is how much the break in the middle of the display matters. It is clear to me that there will be people who will mind the principle, but with the aim of maximum objectivity I say that the break is easy to find, but it does not matter at all. There were a lot of sharp light sources at IFA, but even in this very challenging environment, browsing over the net or viewing photos was absolutely without distracting sensations.

If you swipe your finger across the center of the screen, there is a break again, but it is a slight soft feeling, no hitch.

You just know about the break, but you don't mind.


The transition between a closed and an open phone is no hitch. You don't have to wait until the big screen comes up, because it starts up at the beginning of the opening and that is immediate.


I had no practice in controlling the environment, so the Samsung master showed me how to easily run three applications on the internal screen, it was really a lot of wow!



What to say in conclusion? It is not easy. My technically oriented heart was on the brink of a heart attack when I could play with such an advanced device. If you're an enthusiast, you can start saving money, Fold will sell in mid-September in Germany for 2100 €. If you are a hater, you will definitely find something negative on Fold , like the price.

For me, it's the first generation of a revolutionary device and I think Samsung has made it as far as possible and if you're a target audience, start saving money. I'm starting 



BeautifulBeautifulWhat's inside?What's inside?What's inside?What's inside?What's inside?What's inside?Comparing to S10+Comparing to S10+Let's go!Let's go!A community articleA community articleIt works also partialy closedIt works also partialy closedA selfie ;)A selfie :winking-face:A selfie with a closed FoldA selfie with a closed Foldf20190906_110607.jpgf20190906_110611.jpgf20190906_110615.jpgf20190906_110715.jpgClosed FoldClosed Fold


So what has changed from the release? First of all, the cover film on the display was stretched all the way under the edge (1) so that no one can think of removing it. Furthermore, the hinge (2) has been modified so that dust cannot penetrate through the gap and the openings on the back (3,4) that allow the bend to be reduced, again due to possible dust penetration, which could then enter the fine hinge mechanism.




Samsung S24 Ultra Black 1 TB | Pixel 8a Bay 128 GB | Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 256GB
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The phone isn't expensive because somesody said: "We'll create an expensive device" but because it is the first really usable device with foldable display. Yes, it if sensitive. Yes, the parts are more expensive (but the screen isn't as expensive as I thought). 

The phone is as breakable as S20+, maybe less because in closed state is it really solid. 

I have been using the Fold device for 3 months without issues. 

Samsung S24 Ultra Black 1 TB | Pixel 8a Bay 128 GB | Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 256GB
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro | Samsung Galaxy Buds / Buds2 / Buds2 Pro

Samsung Members Star ★★

With The Fold 2 now unveiled a comprehensive  video review here, though of course best to check a few sources if think you would  be interested.   i did say a bit about it on the Galaxy Unpacked Thread.






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