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Galaxy fold 3 front screen not working

(Topic created on: 21-07-2023 05:53 PM)
First Poster

The warranty is for 24 months. I paid 1600 for this phone. It has a problem that the front screen intermitantly is blank until i put pressure on it, then it works. Sent in under warranty to be told because there is a superficial scratch on the side of phone it is not covered. I am not bothered about the scratch and just want the front screen fixing. You say that because the phone has to come back to me in perfect condition then the side needs replacing and that is not covered by the warranty. This is unfair because it is the screen that is not fit for purpose and by having this policy you disqualify anyone with a minor scratch even though it is nothing to do with the fault. You want 650 from me to replace front screen middle screen and side part. At worst you could charge me for the side part but I am guessing this policy is really to save you money and is not intended for anything else. How can a 1600 phone not have a fair warranty??? Always bought samsung phones from the note versions to this. Really unhappy. Galaxy Z Fold3 5G