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Free samsung cromebook

(Topic created on: 02-12-2023 03:05 PM)
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Literally has been a fighting battle to claim my free gift cromebook jumping throug hoops and all.....all im getting is send us the numbers to used or send us this and that. Why am i doing the ground work for you. If you do not have straight forward claims service that isn't my fault or issue the problem and issue i have is. Between Aerial Direct and Samsung Direct no one is taking accountability or responsibility i am the customer i have submitted forms i have called multiple time's i have also emailed. If you as a big company can't monitor or find or have a better working system. Maybe i as a customer wouldn't be chasing you on the subject of a claim that was meant to be straight forward and easy ........seriously always waiting on someone 
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Hi @Tasha1201  Was this the samsung promotion for the Z Flip 5  for a purchase via Aerial Direct or a specific Aerial Direct offer.  I am taking it that there is an issue with your claim?

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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I am guessing you brought through Ariel Direct? I have never heard of them myself but if you did, the likelihood is that was a promo from them, you need to speak to them

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If I've read this right....

You bought a Flip 5 between 1st and 28th Sept?

You bought it from Aerial Direct?

You then had 30 days to claim. I am assuming you've done this within the time frame?

Assuming you've finished the claims website, and you haven't returned your device, then your Chromebook comes from Samsung's partner and Samsung are responsible for resolving the matter.

Hi there, @Tasha1201. It's important to us that you can claim and then receive your free Chromebook Go. As you'll see here, specific information needs to be submitted as part of the claims process:

As noted on the Promotional website, "you can use any formal documentation provided by the retailer after purchasing your Galaxy device, so long as this clearly shows the following information:

  • Invoice/receipt number
  • Product purchased
  • Retailer name/logo
  • Date of purchase, clearly stating a date within the pre-order period of 1st- 28th September 2023."

Our Promotions Team is in the best position to clarify and progress this for you, so I recommend that you continue liaising with it:

Please let us know how you get on.

This happened to me when I bought the Samsung s20fe. There was a free watch that I should have received
However, I was not granted it, which was very upsetting. I tried several times to enquire about the watch only to be ler down each time

I gave up. In the end, I bought the Samsung galaxy watch rm500. After 9 months, the screen went dark it had power, but I just couldn't see. I then contacted Samsung and sent the watch to them they sent for it. I then got an email to say it would cost £40 just to open it. This was their cost, and then the additional cost to tell me what the problem was I had to have the watch sent back to me unfixed as I didn't know how much it would cost and my finances were cut due to losing hours with the pandemic
Still have the watch in the box, just a waste of money disappointed with the service I received from Samsung as it's such a big company
Both times, I feel I was let down
I still use Samsung Galaxy s20 fe as the cost of living is far to expensive to be updating phone I bought the phone sim Free brand new as I didn't want to enter in to contract not with all the issues with pandemic
Samsung, I feel you should look after your customers a bit better. I do prefer Samsung rather than iPhone
It's just a shame no one
Was able to help me ☹️
Well, that's my long story 😆 hope you get your issues sorted 😊 have a blessed day, everyone,