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Fold -Yes or No?

(Topic created on: 10-12-2023 10:17 PM)
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A question? A debate? Would appreciate your views.

I have an (awesome) S23 Ultra.

IF I were to change / upgrade(?) I would really only be interested in a Foldable given how good the S23U is.

But I also read more and more horror stories on here about poor quality followed by poor support (from Samsung).

So, would you recommend a foldable over an S23U? And would that be a Samsung, Pixel, Oppo, OnePlus or Xiaomi foldable?

(May I please ask, if you don't own a foldable device - this isn't the thread for you - thank you). Really want foldable owners to share their views.
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Don't bother getting folding phones, if you want to I would recommend one plus open
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@Piper123  hello 👋 

It's really down to a person's personal choice of what they want from a phone especially with the form factor and aesthetics. 

I had the Samsung Fold³ from it's launch date and can honestly say it was an awesome phone which brought so much to my own user experience. 

Unfolding to use that inner gorgeous screen was something else especially when watching YouTube,  movies or wanting to use multiple apps at the same time in split screen mode. 

For me I wanted to go back to a slab type phone because that suited my own personal usage preferences and suited my work environment better too. 

Yes we hear about people who have shared their poor experiences but we don't see balance as not so many sign upto a forum to share their positive experiences especially when concerning support experiences. 

I had no issues with my Fold apart from the inner screen protector delamination. 

I hope this helps. 

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I was always a slab phone, but since the S20 Ultra jumped to the Fold and family members with Flips, I couldn't go back to a slab.

Yes admittedly you need to treat them like delicate jewellery, but my wife's Flip3 lasted 2 years only issue was the screen protector, but my Fold3 had an issue after a year.

In summary foldables rule, if only the Flips had DeX, but Samsung need to up their game when things go wrong.

Lastly I think allot of people are abusive with their devices.

It is a shame we don't have a JD Power Quality league for mobile devices, so then clear to all how big a problem, as the majority or forums posts are first timers venting about issues and poor customer service support.
Regards Obsydian - (Car & Tech Evangelist)

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Well to be fair I've always had two android phones, a Samsung (s23 ultra) & a oneplus devise, my experience so far is, I'm impressed with the oneplus open, 16gb 512gb, got it at a great price.
Oh & I'm definitely impressed with my s23 ultra, I'll keep it until the s25 ultra comes out.

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Thank you peoples

After a fair bit of deliberation, it will be a no to a Samsung foldable.

I'm watching how the OnePlus Open fares and may consider it when price drops but for now I'll stick with the S23U.