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Fold 4 Corrupting Video

(Topic created on: 03-11-2022 10:33 PM)
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Fold 4 is corrupting videos during recording. It is not visible during the capture only during playback.

I believe I have isolated the problem to the following settings. This increases the likelihood of it occurring but its not 100% so repeat the process a couple of times, you don't need to start a new video. Just zoom in and out while moving around etc and it should happen at least once (You will only see it during playback).

Video settings:

Set capture mode to FHD 60

Video Stabilisation: ON

Auto FPS: ON


Replication steps

Start recording

Zoom in x3, capture 10 seconds, Zoom back to 1x while also changing lighting environments so the Auto FPS drops from 60 to 30 (Move from well lit to less light), The video stream has potential to be corrupted  seconds after this point.


See example here. I am walking holding phone in portrait position. I have about 4 examples now, in others video you can freeze frame and the video footage in completely upside down


Sample 2 corruption happens at about 30 seconds in as I zoom out then pan.


If I use FHD 30 the problem is gone.


One UI 4.1.1
Android 12
Camera Version
First Poster

I've been noticing the same thing in playback of 240FPS videos from my Samsung Z Fold4. Single frames flip upside down.