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Flip v2.0 - What would you do?

(Topic created on: 15-03-2020 11:19 AM)

I love my Flip but there are a few things that could be better. I appreciate these will come in time so here's my suggestions to get Samsung moving:

1. Stop making phone backs out of glass. It's heavy and fragile and unnecessary. Even more than that it is pointless as we all end up putting a plastic case or skin over it anyway.

2. The outer screen is waaaaaaaay too limited.

3. Weight distribution needs to be a touch lower

4. Pinch to zoom on media cuts of stuff at the top and bottom so a slightly wider phone (taller in landscape mode - giving a less wide-screen ratio) would be a bit better.

5. Try to get the fingerprint scanner a little lower. Nobody holds their phone that high up.

6. Hinge pops flat a bit too soon. It would be good to have a bit more opening angle before that final ping.

7. Would be good if it was lighter overall (again, less glass would be good).

8. The closed position needs to be gapless.  Every time I take my phone out of my pocket there is fluff on the screen. You don't get it with a normal phone as the fluff is wiped off by the action of sliding your phone out of your pocket.

9. Less curved edges would be good as the phone is tricky to grip to open up, or to pick up from a table when opened out flat (this is more of a problem with very curved edges like the S8 but still a slight issue with the Flip)

10. Change the name. I appreciate Flip is already in use for your flip chart type device but Z has nothing to do with this device! Or you could consider a bigger version which folds in three?

11. Scrap Bixby, or make it amazing

12. Allow us to delete Samsung apps that we don't want.



Water resistance is probably at the top of my wishlist for my next Z Flip. 


In-display fingerprint reader and camera/sensors is high on my list, too. Having the fingerprint reader on the right hand side is a problem for lefthanded people. 


Stereo speakers would be nice.


I also miss the pressure sensitive in-display button from my Note 9.


A slightly wider screen (in portrait mode) is also on my wishlist. Coming from a Note makes the narrow screen feel rather small. 


Regarding the weight, I think the metal is the main non-essential contributor here. How about a sporty model made from light materials like carbon fibre and such? The batteries are obviously the heaviest part of the phone, but that's hard to do anything about. I do agree they should try lowering the point of gravity of the top half. Reducing the top weight would also allow for slightly less resistance in the hinge and making one handed flips a lot easier. 


Regarding your renaming point. How about a much more drastic change across all Samsung devices? Remove Galaxy. Sounds crazy, I know? But referring to this one as simply the Z Flip makes a lot more sense. I think, a lot are already omitting  the Galaxy part when referring to this, the Note series and such. Galaxy made more sense back in the day when Samsung also sold Tizen and Windows Phone devices. It'll take a bit to get used to only saying S21, but I think it's a sound idea. The phone names are getting too long. 

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update z file
Stereo speakers and better camera... how did I miss those. TOTALLY AGREE. Spending this much on a phone and getting second rate camera is poor. I still miss my Nokia 930 camera which was from around 2013 but superior to the ZFlip. Oh and on the subject of Windows phone, it was so much better than Android. So many things just don't work together on Android and NOBODY uses an android tablet. Sort it Samsung. You don't spend any money on customer service so spend it on R&D and sort your hardware&software issues