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Flip phone Z defective

(Topic created on: 06-08-2022 10:59 PM)
Flip-off Z
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Iso help. Flip phone defective and still under Samsung warranty. I returned it for repair. Defect remains. I went to my T-Mobile store so they could be a witness that the problem still exists. After spending HOURS-over 3-- with Samsung and bring told by a supervisor that I could go to my T-MOBILE store and get a replacement phone, Samsung renege and states I need to submit for another repair or use my insurance to get a replacement phone-- which would cost me. Plus, my insurance refused to even address the issue since still under Samsung warranty. 


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What's the problem you are experiencing?
Samsung are entitled to repair products. Did they repair it but not fix it, or has the fault happened again?
You are right to initially go to the retailer if you are within the returns period.
But depending on the fault, Samsung would look into a warranty repair as long as its not caused by damage
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Are you in the states @Flip-off Z  ?

Samsung in my understanding can't enforce a network to replace a phone.

I assume your out of any cooling off period that T-Mobile set.

Different countries have different terms and conditions etc when it comes to how a consumer stands so you'll need to check those and check the terms and conditions of your standalone insurance.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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