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Flip 4 makes buzzing noises when I play sounds

(Topic created on: 14-01-2023 04:09 PM)
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So, today when I was cleaning I was listening to music as always and suddenly weird buzzing noises came out of my phone, while the music was playing.

When I stopped the music, it stopped buzzing and its only the top speaker which is buzzing. My phone is rather new (3months old) and I've tried everything. I factory resetted my phone, played those "get water and dirt out", sounds for 20 mins and nothing works!!


It only buzzes when I play sounds and it's honestly not a buzz you can ignore


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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

Can you run the diagnostic tool in your Samsung Members app to see if this highlights any issues @Nasrin 

If you conduct a telephone call and switch to loud speaker does the buzz return ?

It's possible the speaker has suffered a malfunction 😔 

If this is continuing then get in touch with the supplier of the phone i.e your network if part of a contract ,or Samsung via a Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store or via Samsung via the link below to arrange a assessment and repair if necessary. 

In the UK if a phone supplied by Samsung goes past 14 days of ownership then they'll offer a Repair Service under the Limited 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty for free as long as the phone shows no signs externally or internally of an accidental bump / drop or water damage.


If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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