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Fake vouchers

(Topic created on: 01-10-2021 11:28 AM)

so I bought the Foldz2 last year. Got vouchers which did not work and had to spend a few weeks to get vouchers that did work.

Now yesterday was contemplating to buy the Zfold3. Went on the website and looked at the stuff. Voila this morning get two vouchers of 50 pounds each to be used against my purchase of the Zfold3. Guess what happens....they don't work. Contacted Samsung via text chat and a guy called Carlo could not be bothered to help. And then on the phone to Angelica who promised to help but I ain't holding my breath with my experience last year which took two weeks and multiple phone calls. Also Twitter Samsung UK's reply was please get in touch via phone again. What a joke.

This practice stinks. Sending fake vouchers. It feels like clickbait in many respects. Although I know it's technically not. This just feels low class. Wasting people's time. I am angry that they think this is OK. Cheap and low class is all I can say.

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I'm not sure what's going on in your particular case @Medicinman004 

I recieved a £50 voucher from Samsung UK which I applied succesfully at the checkout stage against my Samsung Z Fold 3 256Gb. 

I hope you get this sorted asap,

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