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Dust z flip 4

(Topic created on: 24-10-2022 12:15 AM)
I have to admit. I've been renovating my house over the last few moths which has included me removing old lime (it's an old welsh miners terraced house) I've found it's held incredibly well against fine dust. Anyone else had a similar experience

I don't see why in the next version of the z flip that there won't be a dust rating.
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When I first looked at my Fold³ there was a lot of Internet chatter about it not having a dust rating @Killersponge3920 

I purchased the Fold³ and it's been fine.

However when YouTube Creators such as Jerryrigeverything and the way they put the phone's through tests such as putting dust and small rubble all over the phone and actually folding and unfolding the phone many time's while dust and rubble was inside the phone it managed to keep this out of it's hinge and inside the phone.

We lnkw this as later on he performs a teardown which is where he takes the phone apart.

Like you I hope Samsung do eventually add a dust rating if not only to give consumers more confidence when buying.

Especially maybe for people who work in such environments such as construction etc.


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