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Deeply disappointed

(Topic created on: 23-06-2023 05:33 AM)
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I bought the Flip-4 seven months ago. I really like the form factor and concept of this phone. But overall, I am deeply disappointed. The phone has a glass body, which cracked at the first minor fall, causing me to lose the warranty almost immediately. The warranty conditions are terrible, as I understood even a large scratch would be enough to lose it. Now my phone starts to turn off when I fold it. As I read on forums, this is a common problem. Most likely, I will be billed for half, or even equal to the cost of a new phone for repairs. Given that this is a fundamental problem, after some time it will break again and it will have to be replaced for a lot of money again. So I guess I will wait another five years until this technology is perfected or dies out.

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Hi @awesome_teo 

I'm sorry to hear than an accidental drop has caused this damage to your phone 😔 

I appreciate these phone's are mega expensive and I too would be devastated if I accidentally damaged one of my phone's. 

Unfortunately an accidental drop / bump has the potential to cause damage at any height if it's unlucky enough to hit the ground at an awkward angle, and can depend on the surface it hits too.

Glass is Glass.

Such damage wouldn't invalidate your 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty.

It would mean that a Repair would unlikely to be free.

What would invalidate the warranty is an attempt at a DIY repair or allowing a non authorised repair person attempt to effect a repair.

Will a phone ever be damaged ? Yes.

Will a phone ever have the potential to be damaged again after a Repair  ? Yes.

One of the reasons I would always recommend a case and screen protector.

I would suggest booking the phone in with a Samsung Service Centre for them to assess the phone to provide a Repair estimate. 

If relevant Household Insurance or some Bank Accounts provide cover as a perk of the account could be checked.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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