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damaged foldable screen on samsung galxy z fold 4

(Topic created on: 05-02-2023 07:43 PM)
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I purchased this phone about 6 moths ago. Up until yesterday I have had no issues whatsoever with the phone. I went to sleep on Friday night my phone was working perfectly I wake up on Saturday morning and unfold my phone and the screen goes blank so I have to reboot my phone to even use the outer screen. the phone has never been dropped or anywhere near water there is no damage anywhere on this phone. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to do before I go to a Samsung store and potentially get stung with a large bill. I have tried factory resetting the phone but that has done nothing. The phone at the moment works fine when closed but I'm worried that whatever has happened to my inner screen might affect my outer screen. I would appreciate any help that can be provided 

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I had the same issue with my zfold3, sadly your in for a painful customer experience with Samsung repairs.
Regards, Obsydian

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Try Heating The Screen a little bit. My dad has a Z flip 3 and it worked without factory reset and etc. You can have a try but dont heat it too much
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You will have a warranty on the phone.
So contact Samsung Customer Support and they can arrange for a repair to be done.
If there happens to be any chargeable repairs. You will be notified before any work starts.
It's unfortunate you are experiencing this problem and I hope you get it sorted quickly to get back to enjoying the phone.
So far my Z Fold 4 has been great.
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Hi @kenneth87 

I agree with @Glenntech take the phone to a Samsung Service Centre or see if they offer a Doorstep Repair Service in your region or you may have to send the phone to Samsung.

It has a 24 month manufacturing warranty so please do use it.

If you have to send the phone off then take time and date stamped photo's of the phone with one of it turned On to show it's aesthetic condition while it was in your possession.

Remove your sim card.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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