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Customer services

(Topic created on: 16-09-2021 04:06 PM)
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Has any one been in touch with Samsung customer services regarding the repair of z fold? 

I have had an issue with my repair. No parts were available so finally they decided to replace the phone. Took 6 weeks apparently I was suppose to have premium services. 

Now after agreeing to send me replacement phone they are saying no stock. 

And could take more than 20 days. 

I have been without my phone for over 2 weeks and using an old phone to get buy. 

To be fair they did offer me 50 voucher for inconvenience but to be without a phone for so long especially when you have a business to run 

Can some one please sort this out. 

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That's really unfortunate for you to have those problems.
Trouble is you fall into the area with a new product out, that stock is allocated to fulfil orders. I guess currently stock availability is low.
It's also compounded by the lack of transport availability to move products around.
Hopefully they can sort out something for you quicker
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I can understand and appreciate how frustrating this must be for you @Ajaxonline as these devices now are so integral into what we do throughout the day.

They keep us connected and hold data we use everyday.

At least you have a back up phone to use which is something at least.

I've been watching the Fold³ and stock levels did appear to fluctuate but I ordered mine on Wednesday and it was delivered by Samsung UK yesterday so it does look like stock levels have improved. Well for the UK anyway.

Which Fold version do you own May I ask ?

Hopefully the lead time given to you by Samsung improves and you receive your Fold faster than advised.  🤞

I wish you all the best with this. 

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