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Crack in the middle of the screen

(Topic created on: 28-05-2023 06:17 AM)
Springs 12
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Hello, have purchased my  fold z4 since November 2022 and today I just opened the phone to check my email and while opening could hear the sound of cracking. There is a black line in the middle.


Can you let me know if I can get the warranty covered for this phone?

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If you contact Samsung Customer Support and arrange a repair.
Once picked up, the phone will be assessed
This will be normally done under warranty unless there's some other physical damage that could have caused the fault.
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This sounds like the factory fitted screen protector delaminating @Springs 12 

A Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store can assess your phone once you've booked it in.

Samsung apply a Limited 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Springs 12
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I have contacted Samsung customer service and they said that the screen issues is not covered by Samsung, pretty bad experience!


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Hi, I'm going through a similar situation with EE, same phone 6 months old and under warranty.
Can't say too much at the moment as it's an on going issue, however, suffice it to say that a store "Manager" told me that I would have to deal with Samsung myself and that EE do not get involved with, in warranty, manufacturing issues even though there own promotional materials state otherwise...?¿!
Luckily I know my consumer rights and the blatantly lying "Manager", will hopefully get a severe lesson in customer care/services by the time I've finished.
It's shockingly bad CS but it seems to be the same everywhere, is it a 'computer says NO' generation or am I just getting old...?¿