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Apple for life ?

(Topic created on: 06-05-2022 10:59 AM)
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So I started my smartphone journey in 2007 with the iPhone 2G and always kept using iPhone's untill the most recent models I was always happy ( to a certain extent ) but more than that I felt restricted. Just to add on here I always kept one flagship Android phone just to stay in the Android world. ( Mostly Galaxy's or Pixels )

My iPad, Apple Watch kept me like a prisoner in the Apple Eco system.
Fast forward 15 years and now I'm a happy owner of the Galaxy Fold 3 , don't feel like a prisoner and feels like a burden has come off my shoulders.

It's been months that I haven't seen my iPad because I don't need it anymore..

Oh my Fold .. You're amazing 😁

Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
Everytime I have tried a iPhone just out of curiosity or a sense of change... After a few months I get bored. This is just my experience and opinion... I just find Android better for my needs and Samsung's quality and design suit me perfect.
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
iPhone is still an overall better package & easier to use eco system.
But it tends to get boring with time
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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

Hi @Muhammedz 


I used iPhones from the 4 to the 6+ and become to realise Apple severely sandbox both their hardware and iOS software ensuring they work the way they want them to. 

After the 6+ I realised also that they showed less and less innovation too.

This led me to start to trying out new manufacturers and settled on Samsung.

Leaving the Apple EcoSystem took me around a month, but I haven't looked back since.

The nearest I get to an iPhone now is walking past Apples Highstreet Store in my City Centre 😉

Now I can set up and customise my phone how I want , and not dictated to.

I also own the Samsung Z Fold³ and love the innovation it brings 👌 

Enjoy 👍 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "