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Using a heat sink to charge your phone faster

(Topic created on: 14-08-2020 04:35 PM)
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I notice a big difference when I charge my phone flat on the marble top in the kitchen.

The phone doesn't get warm (the marble does, it acts as a heat sink) and it charges much, much faster. 

I was in a Samsung shop recently and they did a courtesy health check on my 3 yr old S9+. They told me the battery was 'as new' according to their test reading. I  endeavour to keep the battery between 20-90%.

Anyone else having a similar experience?


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People have their own charging habits @Riik 


Personally I do not let my phone's battery drop below 10 to 15% but I'm not concerned with it charging to 100%.


I also charge overnight with the phone turned Off on a Samsung Desktop Wireless Charger that has a built-in fan to keep it cool if I'm using fast charging.


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Keith M
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There are so many articles saying the 45W charging is not much improvement but it's a huge improvement. It charges way faster with no damage to the battery (according to accubattery app) but only if you keep the phone from getting warm. Otherwise the charge slows down. 

To speed charging with any charger. Place the phone on any surface that feels cold to the touch.

Or get aluminum heat sinks to place on each side of the phone. Don't use clip on cooling fans you can buy for phones because the rapid cooling causes condensation inside your phone, which could short something.

Fun fact. anything that feels cool to the touch at room temperature means the surface is good at drawing in heat energy.