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Unrecognized photos in albums after moving files to SD card

(Topic created on: 22-05-2022 12:14 PM)
Towa P
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I was running out of space on my internal storage so I moved my documents and photo folders (DCIM, downloads, documents, etc.) to my SD card. I have had no issues with the card before, and it had folders and pictures on it before the transfer, but now after the transfer most images that were in subfolders (internal storage> pictures >2022 trip for example) are not showing up in albums, and show up as gray squares with an exclamation mark. Is there a way to fix the formatting and make the album app draw off the subfolders in the SD card instead of looking for them in internal storage? Would it help to plug my phone into a computer and redo the move manually?

Samsung Members Star ★
Using the move command is not a goog idea. Probably cause RAM to freak out so you now have corrupt files. I don't see you can move manually with a PC as there will be nothing to move. Try moving some files back to internal storage, however, I think your data is corrupt. In future copy and paste.
Yeah, I always use copy rather than move... And copy files in multiple devices like an external harddrive as a back up. I don't like the use of any cloud storage too.

It is worth connecting to a PC or laptop to see if the files are viewable at all. I've had it in the past where files were described the same way on a phone device but show on a laptop for some reason.

Try recover what you can then format the memory card.