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Unlocking a Network Lock Code Block on Samsung S9+

(Topic created on: 27/10/20 19:43)
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Galaxy S9 Series

Hello there, this is my issue. I am in the process of moving from the U.S. to Africa, and one of item to process during this transaction period was to cancell my account with ATT and unlock my phone so I can use it with another local provider. In the process of unlocking it I entered  the code more than 5 times which prompted the phone to be locked. Message on the screen says 'MCK - Network Unlock - Code Blocked'

I have spoken with Att and they say they cannot unlock the phone, and it can only be used by someone with ATT provider. Can someone help me with the issue?

Superuser I
Superuser I
Galaxy S9 Series

If an unlocking code has been entered too many times this can Hard Lock the phone so it won't accept any more attempts until it's counter has been reset.


In the UK this has to be performed by the Network that supplied the phone. i.e they need to send it away to be reset.


In the UK if a NUC i.e Network Unlocking Code does not work initially then a MCK Mastercode also known as an unfreeze code is needed.


Your issue maybe that because it's potentially Hard Locked it won't accept a NUC or MCK until it's been reset.


From my knowledge in the UK Samsung can't help with a Network locked phone.


I wish you all the best with this. 



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