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Storing Contacts on Phone or SIM? Which is more Secure?

(Topic created on: 26-07-2018 07:46 AM)
Galaxy S9 Series

I own a Galaxy S9 and I added my first Contact phone number and it asked me if I wanted to store this information on the Phone or on the SIM card?

My internal Phone storage is encrypted with the Galaxy S9's encryption feature called Secure Startup along with a boot up password.

My SIM card (which was provided from my carrier) has also a 4 digit PIN code as well and its called a SIM PIN.

So which is more secure to store my Contacts? Phone or directly to the SIM?


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Hi @itsonlyme


I prefer to store my contacts in my phones memory.


Storing contacts on a SIM can have a few drawbacks such as a SIM will only hold basic info such as the name and number. 


It'll also only hold so many contacts. 


If the SIM fails then this info can also be lost. 


If a person ever needs a SIM swap which moves their mobile number and account info from one SIM to another then this process won't move added other people's contacts. 


The phones memory holds more contact info such as an email address and residential address to mention a few. 


I also back up my contacts to gmail. 


A SIM pin will stop someone ejecting your SIM card from the phone and trying to use it in another phone to make calls etc. 


As for being secure both are good. 


My phone is protected via a pin number, iris scanning and facial recognition. 



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Hi, scratching around trying to work out how to transfer SIM contacts to Phone storage. Any ideas please?